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New York Times Healing Testimony…

HEALING TESTOMONY… Prostrate cancer
New York Times editor Dana Jennings writes each week about coping with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Michael Kassin April 7, 2009 · 10:16 am

Dana, you continue to inspire me. In that spirit, I’m happy to share my own story about prostate cancer, and a miraculous, spiritual awakening, that has helped me to be where I am today. I hope others can benefit from it.

“Good morning, Leo,” I said, stepping carefully through my landlady’s kitchen. Leo, her ill-tempered schnauzer, bared his teeth and gave a low snarl. I wasn’t afraid of Leo, but I did find his constant nastiness toward me depressing. After all, it was starting to feel like the whole world shared his sentiments.
My marriage was breaking up, my PR business was struggling and here I was, at age 49, a lonely boarder letting a room in a house and scrambling to make the rent. It was like being thrown back to my twenties, but without the insouciance of youth. In six months’ time, one thing after another had been taken away from me. I’d gone from a comfortable middle-class existence to this.
On top of that, today I had a biopsy to look forward to. A recent physical had revealed that my PSA test numbers were high. A high PSA is a possible indicator of prostate cancer. I’d insisted on seeing a specialist, and He suggested a biopsy. I said a quick good-bye to my landlady – side-stepped Leo – and got on the road to the doctor’s.
The procedure was quick but memorable. “We’ll call you in a week with the results,” the doctor told me. “Try not to worry. Men your age have PSA spikes for a lot of reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean cancer.”
Easy for him to say. After all, he didn’t know how my luck had been running of late.
That night, back in my rented room, I lay awake staring at the ceiling. Maybe he’s right, I thought. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Then again, like that old blues song says, if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Not lately.
I’d grown up in an observant Jewish household, but I wasn’t that observant right now. Bob, my older brother, had recently sent me a beautifully bound copy of The Five Books of Moses – that is, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I’d read a little each morning, and eventually made it through the whole thing. Then, for no particular reason, I began reading a beat-up New Testament a friend had given me years before. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I was secretly hoping God was testing me like some character from Genesis, and if I passed he’d pop up and give back all the good things in my life. I know that sounds simple, childish. But sometimes I got the feeling that there really was a reason I was reading all this stuff. Maybe God was preparing me for something. So each morning, no matter what, I read on.
A week later, my doctor called with the biopsy results.
“I’m sorry, Michael,” he said. “It’s cancer.”
I don’t think I spoke for at least a minute. I didn’t know what to say. Strange how a single word can carry so much fear – how it can change everything in a second.
“Given your age and your family history,” the doctor told me, “there’s only one logical choice. Surgery.”
“What about kids?” I managed to ask, surprising myself. My soon-to-be-ex-wife and I had never really agreed about kids so we’d never had any. But I’d always pictured them in my future. Now, at age 49, that dream was being taken away.
“Well, that still might be possible…” he said, but that didn’t sound too reassuring.
And I needed some reassurance. So I attended a prostate cancer support group at a nearby hospital. Do you know what surprised me most? How much emphasis there was on the spiritual aspects of dealing with the disease. “There are two parts to recovering from prostate cancer,” the group leader told us. “One part is physical. The other is how you look at things — what you believe.”
In the days that followed, I sat down at my computer, made phone calls, got more information. The more I read, the more confused I got.
Then one morning I was eating breakfast at a local diner – — and I read about a woman with advanced breast cancer who ran a day spa. She’d been given weeks to live by all her doctors. As a last-ditch effort, her husband took her to a faith healer. The woman recovered.
Before I knew it, I was down at that spa, asking to learn more. They told me they were having healing classes there. In fact, a man named Nigel Mumford would be speaking there that Thursday about the power of prayer and healing. Did I want to come?
I did.
Nigel Mumford was not what I’d expected. A stocky, handsome, self-effacing Englishman in his early forties, he was—I kid you not—a former drill instructor in the British Royal Marines, who’d discovered his gift for healing basically by accident. The kind of guy, I thought, who wouldn’t put people on.
But the minute I arrived at the event, I had second thoughts. Other than Nigel, I was the only man there.
“Prayer may or may not heal your illness,” Nigel told us. “But it does do something every bit as important: It helps you to heal inside.”
Fair enough, I thought.
“Now,” said Nigel, “I’d like you all to break up into groups of three. We’re going to pray for each other.”
Again I was seized by the feeling of not belonging. But there was no turning back. I pulled my chair over to two others.
“Why don’t you sit down first?” one of the women said. “We’ll pray over you.”
At least I won’t have to do all the praying myself. I took a seat, and the two women got behind me. This is crazy. I closed my eyes. Just try to relax and go with this, I said to myself. Just…
Something warm – almost hot – pressed against my abdomen and lower back. I opened my eyes. Nigel was standing in front of me, his hands on my stomach. His hands were generating the tremendous heat. And they were trembling. Soon my abdomen began to tremble too. I thought it was going to split open. It was so strange, so impossible really, that I almost jumped up out of the chair.
I forced myself to stay still. The heat spread. So did the trembling — through the rest of my lower body, my chest, my head. It felt like a rocket ship taking off inside me. What on earth was going on?
Whoosh! All at once this heat, this energy I was sensing, surged out of me, as if I were some kind of human champagne bottle that had just blown its cork. I looked around. The room was exactly the same as it had been a moment before – simple, not fancy, neither church nor clinic. A plain vanilla room. Yet everything was different. The fear that had come to inhabit me those past weeks was gone. In its place was… love. That was the only word for it. An actual, physical presence. It seemed to fill not just me, but the whole room. The whole world, perhaps.
“Is he okay?” one of the women standing behind me asked Nigel.
“Oh yes,” Nigel said. “He’s fine.”
I bumbled through the rest of the evening. At the end of the event, some of the women lingered to talk to Nigel. I waited for them all to leave, then walked over.
“How did you do that?” I asked.
Nigel smiled. “I didn’t do anything,” he said, giving me a clap on the shoulder. Then he pointed upward. “He did.”
The next morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. Had it all been a dream? A product of my desperation? I went downstairs to the kitchen. My landlady was there. So was Leo.
“Good morning, Leo,” I said, stepping carefully around him and expecting the customary morning ugliness.
Instead, Leo—whom I had never, ever been able to touch before this moment– raised his head and trotted over to me. He sat down, looked up, and brushed my leg with his paw. Leo was waiting to be petted. By me.
My landlady was staring at Leo as incredulously as I was.
Half-expecting to lose a finger, I reached down and gave Leo a tentative pet on the back. Leo didn’t move. He brushed my leg with his paw a second time. This time I reached down with both hands, sure I would get it. But Leo just sat there as I gave his sides a rub. That’s when I knew something had happened to me. And of all the creatures on earth, Leo was the one who let me know it.
I went ahead with the surgery. It was successful. I continued to pray, a Hebrew prayer, a Christian prayer and later, a Muslim prayer, every morning and every night. And my life changed– for the better this time. I’m now married to a beautiful, strong, deeply spiritual woman (Nigel played bagpipes at our wedding) and we have two beautiful kids. That I am a father may well be the greatest miracle of all.
What does this all mean? That God capriciously adds and subtracts from our happiness? That I’m a recipient of incredible luck? No – luck had nothing to do with it. Something happened to me that night, something more than physical healing. I had a deeper healing, one that I was preparing for even without knowing it. Maybe God took a chance on me because I was willing to take a chance on God.
When we are open to Him – as I was that night with Nigel – the most incredible changes can happen to our lives. And change itself is a hint of miracle.
Look at Leo.
From Dana Jennings: To all of you, I wish you a peaceful and healing week. As always, your
comments teach me, touch me and sustain me.


~Stay connected~
Dear Souls, Remind yourself about God. Do not forget. It seems that when we don’t think we need him he is far away. When we do call on him, he is near if we know it or not. We have plenty of time to think about God, so think about God. May I quietly remind you to turn to him, say Hi, say a pray, allow him to warm your heart during these anxious times. Stress is the enemy. Focus on peace. Focus on good things not allowing your mind to spiral into dark depths. 
So here is my prescription, taken from the words of St. Paul to the in Philippians 4:8 Brothers, Sisters focus on the truth, focus on what is noble, on what is right, what is pure and what is loverly. Focus on what is admirable. Keep you mind on what is excellent and what is praiseworthy. Think about “these” things.

Be well, do good works and for the sake of God, love one another.

Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

~God’s Mysterious Ways~

Gods Mysterious Ways.
~Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

Two years ago I drove by an older gentleman with a younger woman. He was leaning on a mailbox clearly in distress.  “I turned my car around” and stoped to see if we needed to call an ambulance. His daughter said, “I was praying like crazy that someone would come to our help. Would you give us a ride home?” So we got in my car and I took him home.
So this evening I went for a gentle bike ride. I saw the mans wife at his mailbox.  “I turned my bike around” to say hello. She told me that he died on Tuesday and was buried this very afternoon. She reminded me of the last time “I turned round…”
Pay attention dear Souls. You never know when God will show up.He really moves in mysterious ways. Rest In Peace John.Be well, do good works and for the sake of God, love me another.BlessingsNigel+



By Fr. Nigel W. D. Mumford+
I was praying for someone recently. Her voice was flat lined and quiet. I could hear the pain without hearing her story. It was a tough story. Before we prayed for her healing I asked her, if she was ready and willing to pray a prayer for those who hurt her and rejected her. She said a very powerful prayer of forgiveness. Then her voice actually changed.I heard her countenance change, I actually felt a change in her being. She sounded totally different after her prayer. To the point where I asked if I was still speaking to the same person. I know without a doubt that praying her heartfelt prayer of forgiveness set her free from years of oppression. It was such a Godly moment. It was the moment that she was healed. It was physically palpable, of this I have not doubt. It was God moving in His mysterious ways. The very moment of her healing. 
I can tell you there is nothing more “out of this world” in having the privilege of watching God at work, setting the captives free. 
Do you have someone who has power over you? Someone from the past, someone who is free, or dead or even in prison? Is it time “you” were released from that oppression. Pray a prayer forgiving them.  They will now have no power over you whatsoever.  You will be set free. Do not allow anyone except God to have power over you. Jesus came to set the captives free. Be free dear Soul from any Soul-tie from the past… even if it was five minutes ago.
How is your countenance now? Be well, do good works and for the sake of God, love one another.~Fr. Nigel+ 

A Blind Eye, Sees Light…

~Answered Prayer~
Dateline Sunday July 14th. 11.20am
Church of the Holy Apostles, VB VA. USA

I was asked to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at a church that is both Episcopal and Roman Catholic. Both Masses, and two Homilies are given. One by the Catholic priest, and today, I preached and led the Holy Eucharist for the Episcopal’s. It’s a wonderfully warm church.
The last couple to leave had told me that the woman had high BP and as a result had lost the sight in one of her eyes. We prayed laying my hands on her eye. After the prayer she look around totally astonished.
“Light there is so much light, it a such a bright light.”
As she put her hand over her other eye… she turned to her husband in floods of tears… then looked at me, giving me “The Look.” It is a look of such knowing, a certain look that penetrates the Soul. it’s a Soul to Soul look…
It is a look of a thousand words, where no words are needed. I shall never forget the look on her face…
“Is God actually healing me?”
She was in shock.
I’m looking forward to hearing more from her…
To God be the Glory.
~Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

The Strong Man and Shame…

~THE STRONG MAN SHAME~I have been involved in the Healing ministry of Jesus ChristFor twenty nine years. I have observed that there seems to be soup-du-jour issues with the human condition. It startedWith bad backs, then anger, cancer, different issues come in waves Grouped with similar concerns. It seems that these issues are presented over about Three months… right now I am seeing issues of “Strong Man Shame”That is Tough men who were hurt as children…Heart broken though guys who struggle with what happened to themAs kids…With Christ the captives are set free. PLEASE “Do not let your past ruin your present or your future.”Be gentle with yourself dear Souls…Blessings Fr. Nigel+ 

~Answered Prayer~ Dateline Sunday July 14th. 11.20am

Holy Apostles church VB VA

I was asked to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at a church that is both an Episcopal and Roman Catholic. Both Masses, and two Homilies are given.  One by the Catholic priest, and today, I preached and led the Holy Eucharist for the Episcopal’s. It’s a wonderfully warm church. The last couple to leave had told me that the woman had high BP And as a result had lost the sight in one of her eyes. We prayed layingmy hands on her eye. After the prayer she look around totally astonished. “Light there is so much light, it a such a bright light.” As she put her hand over her other eye… she turned to her husband in floods of tears… then looked at me, giving me “The Look.” It is a look of such knowing, a certain look that penetrates the Soul. It is a look of a thousand words where no words are needed. I shall never forget the look on her face… “Is God actually healing me?”She was in shock.I’m looking forward to hearing more from her…To God be the Glory. ~Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

How much faith do we need to be healed?

How much faith do we need to be healed?

I put it to you that those who pray for you, need to have that faith.
The onus of prayer is not on the sick person.
The onus to pray is on those who have faith for you.
So, how much faith did Lazarus have to be healed?
He had NO faith…
The Lord healed him. Well, more than that, He resurrected him.
Conversely, the woman with the issue of bleeding had faith all by herself.
So, either way, The Lord takes care of us.
Please don’t beat yourself up in the process of healing. Let God do
what He does best after all He is the same yesterday, today and forever…
Be healed in the name of Jesus.
Got it?
Get it?
~ Rev. Nigel Mumford+

Unforgiveness, a Block to Your Healing?

Unforgiveness and the healing of an unhealed wound.

By Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

Some years ago a woman called me asking for a home visit with her husband. She told me that she works,  “Let yourself in and go into the living room. My husband is unable to walk so he will not come to the door, just ring the bell and walk in… announcing who you are.”

I did just that. He was sitting in his “decliner” with a large bandage around his knee. He told me that, “He had surgery eight months ago and it was still not healing! He told me that “His knee weeps and oozes, it is very painful to walk, it just won’t heal.”We prayed. His dog was very excited about the visit and was very interestedIn that fact that I laid hands on the mans knee. When I started praying the dog Went away, curled up and went to sleep.

I had finished my prayer and started to leave.  Several paces away I stoped and turned around and said, “Do you need to forgive anyone?” The words just came out of my mouth. He said “Yes, my sister, we have not spoken in over a year.”I quietly went back to him and told him how important forgiveness is and howUnforgiveness is perhaps the number one block to healing. Basically, if we don’t Forgive we are not forgiven by God. I left.

Three days later I got a phone call from this man. He told me what happened. Right after I left he called his sister. She said, “Ive been waiting for this call for over a year…” He then told me that his knee had totally dried up in four hours. He had taken off the bandage and the wound healed over in twelve hours. He was walking without a limp… his knee was totally healed. He was ecstatic and thanked God profusely… To God be the Glory.  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

A Welcome Home Initiative Reflection.


It was thirteen years ago that the WHI began. We have put on thirty six such three day healing retreats. Over a thousand vets and spouses have been directly touched by the WHI. Reflecting about these past years, I felt empowered to write the following. 
It is indeed a great privilege to watch these war zone men and women transform from broken, bent over, lost souls, haunted by the past, with such sad faces and broken spirits, to fully upright smiling souls…. set free from “the power of the enemy.” Jesus is saving lives one at a time and “setting the captives free” for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I cannot tell you what it is really like to watch God at work. I wishI could. All I can really say is that it is like watching a huge yoke pressing downon each person, the yoke of physical and emotional oppression, with a double dose of death pressing in… to physically watch that leave is such a privilege, such a joy, such a …. I don’t have the words… what is it Lord… really watching our veterans totally transformed after years (some even up to fifty years and some as recent as 6 months ago) suddenly realizing that indeed the enemy is now Inert, impotent and powerless. All glory goes to God. Thank you Jesus for setting the captives free.Thank you for delivering them from the past, that is such a haunted mine filed of horrific memories, waiting to explode in all the wrong places.This life is not a dress rehearsal. Pray that lives are saved… one at a time.This twenty two suicide a day has to stop. Thank you Lord that you heal memories. Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+