A Blind Eye, Sees Light…

~Answered Prayer~
Dateline Sunday July 14th. 11.20am
Church of the Holy Apostles, VB VA. USA

I was asked to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at a church that is both Episcopal and Roman Catholic. Both Masses, and two Homilies are given. One by the Catholic priest, and today, I preached and led the Holy Eucharist for the Episcopal’s. It’s a wonderfully warm church.
The last couple to leave had told me that the woman had high BP and as a result had lost the sight in one of her eyes. We prayed laying my hands on her eye. After the prayer she look around totally astonished.
“Light there is so much light, it a such a bright light.”
As she put her hand over her other eye… she turned to her husband in floods of tears… then looked at me, giving me “The Look.” It is a look of such knowing, a certain look that penetrates the Soul. it’s a Soul to Soul look…
It is a look of a thousand words, where no words are needed. I shall never forget the look on her face…
“Is God actually healing me?”
She was in shock.
I’m looking forward to hearing more from her…
To God be the Glory.
~Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+