~Stay connected~
Dear Souls, Remind yourself about God. Do not forget. It seems that when we don’t think we need him he is far away. When we do call on him, he is near if we know it or not. We have plenty of time to think about God, so think about God. May I quietly remind you to turn to him, say Hi, say a pray, allow him to warm your heart during these anxious times. Stress is the enemy. Focus on peace. Focus on good things not allowing your mind to spiral into dark depths. 
So here is my prescription, taken from the words of St. Paul to the in Philippians 4:8 Brothers, Sisters focus on the truth, focus on what is noble, on what is right, what is pure and what is loverly. Focus on what is admirable. Keep you mind on what is excellent and what is praiseworthy. Think about “these” things.

Be well, do good works and for the sake of God, love one another.

Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+