A Welcome Home Initiative Reflection.


It was thirteen years ago that the WHI began. We have put on thirty six such three day healing retreats. Over a thousand vets and spouses have been directly touched by the WHI. Reflecting about these past years, I felt empowered to write the following. 
It is indeed a great privilege to watch these war zone men and women transform from broken, bent over, lost souls, haunted by the past, with such sad faces and broken spirits, to fully upright smiling souls…. set free from “the power of the enemy.” Jesus is saving lives one at a time and “setting the captives free” for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I cannot tell you what it is really like to watch God at work. I wishI could. All I can really say is that it is like watching a huge yoke pressing downon each person, the yoke of physical and emotional oppression, with a double dose of death pressing in… to physically watch that leave is such a privilege, such a joy, such a …. I don’t have the words… what is it Lord… really watching our veterans totally transformed after years (some even up to fifty years and some as recent as 6 months ago) suddenly realizing that indeed the enemy is now Inert, impotent and powerless. All glory goes to God. Thank you Jesus for setting the captives free.Thank you for delivering them from the past, that is such a haunted mine filed of horrific memories, waiting to explode in all the wrong places.This life is not a dress rehearsal. Pray that lives are saved… one at a time.This twenty two suicide a day has to stop. Thank you Lord that you heal memories. Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+