The Lord healed the breast cancer.

Hi Nigel,
I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A biopsy was going to be done on a Tuesday. I was scared…more or less ballistic. On the Sunday before, I was in a Church with both hands lifted as high as I could get them and just praising and loving Jesus. All of a sudden, I felt heat begin at the tip of my left third finger, go all the way down my arm, and the heat settled in in my left breast where the cancer was. I knew I was healed. From Sunday until Tuesday, I felt a bubble of love around me and nothing could penetrate it..ALL of my fear was gone!!!! Praise God!
The Dr. went ahead and did the biopsy..NO CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!! Halleluiah!!!!!!!!
Love and blessings to you and Lynn on your new venture,
Ann H
PS. My lungs have been feeling better since you prayed for me at the end of the healing school at St.. Cyprian’s. My breathing report from Johns Hopkins had not changed from the previous year. Awesome God!!!!
Ann has given me permission to use her story and her full name.

In demonstrating how not to pray a man was healed!

The following is a Q&A from a recent OSL Healing Conference.
Tim, do you have a healing to share from the Healing Mission?
Are you the “Tall Man” that Nigel used for the demonstration on “How not to pray for healing?
Let us encourage each other by sharing God’s Power of Healing with one another.
Steve and Lela
Yes, in fact I am and we do. I (Tim) came into the conference weekend with a very compromised set of lungs do to an allergic reaction that had started a few days earlier. I was wheezing heavily (Gwynne can confirm this) and forcing myself to breathe deeply just to get enough air. Normally I will recover after removing myself from the allergy causing agent, but recovery usually takes a minimum of a week or two. I went to bed Friday night struggling to breath. After hearing and embracing the evenings sharing, along with the closing prayers by Fr. Nigel and others, I was intending to ask for prayer for my lungs on Sat. I awoke Sat. morning to find my lungs completely restored to a normal state of functioning. An overnight recovery! No shortness of breath. No struggling to breath deep just to get enough air. Without a doubt I know I was touched by the Holy Spirit and give praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus. I went into worship Sat. singing full on.
Along with this, my wife and I returned to our responsibilities (intercessory prayer team leaders) at our fellowship on Sunday with a powerfully renewed sense of our calling in Him and a sense of His empowering presence to touch other lives, to His glory.
Our thanks to all who participated in and made this last weekend possible. God bless each and all, particularly Fr. Nigel.
Tim & Gwynne Nation
Fr. Mumford has permission from Mr. T. Nation to reprint this email
In his blog 6/11/13 giving God ALL the Glory.

Healed laughing…

I’m so sorry I was unable to stay after lunch on Sat. This was wonderful. There was a healing without Father Nigel directly laying hands upon me: Feb. 28 would have been our daughter, A…40th birthday, and I was emotionally hurting terribly. Because Father Nigel had me laughing so hard, I now feel so very much better. While I was sitting in the pew, I asked for Jesus to heal me through Father Nigel anyway. He did.
I hope & pray that we will again be able to have him back! He’s such a holy, yet outrageously funny priest!

To God be the Glory…


I just got off the phone with T N, who lives in Springfield, IL and who was inducted as a full member Saturday, March 2nd  at the St. Mark’s Episcopal church Healing Mission. He wants you and Fr. Nigel to know that he is allergic to hair spray and went to the mission on Friday evening suffering from a bad reaction. His lungs were extremely congested and he had to force himself to breathe deeply in order to be sufficiently oxygenated. Normally, using his medicine, it would take from two to three weeks to return to normal. However, on Saturday morning the 2nd, his lungs were completely clear and normal. He attributes it to being at the healing mission on Friday evening! Glory to God!


A healed back.

Dateline: St.Marks, Geneva, Ill.
2 March 2013
While speaking at conferences I often tell the story of my mentor Francis Macnutt. He was at a large healing conference and picked out a very tall man. He placed him in in the aisle saying this is how NOT to pray. He then ran at him smacking him on the forehead, shouting,
“Be healed in the name of Jesus.”
The man fell to the floor. Everyone laughed. He was making a point about TV evangelism. His point, you don’t need to make a performance of this, it is a quiet and gentle process. A week later Francis got a letter from the tall man saying that he was totally healed of cancer! We must not limit what God can do!
Well, this least weekend, at St. Marks, Geneva, Ill. I picked out of the congregation a man called Bob. Bob is six foot six and I demonstrated what Francis did. Shouting, “Be healed in the name of Jesus…”
After preaching on Sunday, I met both Bob and his wife they told me that he realized his back had been healed sitting in the pew at the healing service.
There is power in the name of Jesus.
This just in from Bob,
I’ve had chronic back pain for almost 20 years and after herniating two disks last spring, things got worse. The doctors suggested daily physical therapy exercises and stretching which I’ve done for a year, but day-to-day activities still lead to a lot of back pain. However, after attending the Healing Service, the tightness and stiffness immediately disappeared. The last two nights, I slept peacefully rather than tossing and turning all night which is great! God does perform miracles…
After all the back problems I’ve had, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the fun dad things (basketball, golf, car repair, etc.) with my two sons due to the pain that those activities caused. Turns out, healing me was no big deal for God.
God is so good.
Let’s not limit God dear friends.
Blessings and love to you.
~Fr. Nigel Mumford+
PS. Bob has given me permission to use his name and has proof read this report.

Boot camp to sandal camp!

Boot camp to sandal camp!
As a former drill instructor at the Royal Marine commando training school I met some interesting characters. Some cut out to be Commandos some not! It was my job to “break and remake”to “cull and to encourage” the way to the coveted green beret, if the recruit had the guts to press on and do it.
Now, as a priest it is my call to “remind and refine” and to “lead souls” to The Lord and “show the way to eternal life” if a soul has the guts to do it!
Not much difference, except I don’t have to shout, just love and point the way.
Ergo, Boot camp to sandal camp!
Thanks be to God.
~Nigel Mumford+

The Stray Bat…

~Nigel Mumford+
Last year I was driving home from work with my car windows open. Suddenly, out of the corner of my right eye I saw a black object land on the head rest of the passenger seat. I turned to see a bat clinging to the head rest. I nearly went off the road. I pulled over as soon as I could thinking where is the bat now and thinking if Lynn had been sitting next to me the bat would have landed in her face!
I tell you it is not a good feeling to know there is a bat in your car! A bee is freaky enough but a bat? I pulled into the next road, parked, opened the doors and carefully searched for the rat with wings! I could not find it. My adrenalin was rushing off the charts. I shut the doors and gingerly got back in. I drove a hundred yards and saw the thing fluttering around the back seat. For the second time in one day I nearly had a heart attack. I pulled over again. This time I was on the bridge in Greenwich, a very well traveled spot. I put the flashers on, got out and opened the passages side doors. I stepped back wondering what to do next.
A police patrol car was on the other side of the road, the officer said, “Are you OK father?” (I was wearing my clergy shirt). I told him there is a bat in my car! He replied, “Be careful, they can hide in very small places…” He then turned on his red and blue lights and parked his car behind me. He got out putting in black leather gloves.
So here’s the thing, can you imagine driving by such a scene?
Police lights, doors all open. Priest. The officer then says to me, “Lets see if we can find this bat.” Car search. People driving by… Why is a police officer searching a car with a priest… Why is he searching a priests car? People were really looking at me… I wanted to shout, “It’s a bat, it’s a bat…”
We could not find the bat.
The next day I had to go to the doctors for a routine check. I told the nurse what had happened. She had a fit. You must get the car checked out. Did the bat touch you. She then told me all about rabies. Oh joy. So I took the car to a local mechanic who spent a lot of time searching my car. He could not find it.
I drove home with great caution and then searched the car again. Actually I searched it many times!
The next day Lynn was with me as we were driving. I was in shorts. I felt something touch my leg. I let out a yelp. Another close heart attack! I looked down expecting to see the bat, the illusive rat with wings.
It was a tiny white moth!
Ok God, you got me.
Post Script:
After telling the nuns my story they dubbed my car the Batmobile.
During the past two Welcome Home Initiatives we had a Chaplain from the Canadian forces called… Wait for it…. Robin.
If a bat is in your car get off the road and out of the car as soon as you safely can.
All birds of the air, glorify the Lord,
praise him and highly exalt him for ever.
Canticle 12 (BCP)
“And the stork, and the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat.
And every creeping thing that flieth is unclean unto you: they shall not be eaten.”
Deuteronomy 14:18-19
– Nigel Mumford+