“Market Place Ministry”

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“Market Place Ministry”
I was on my way to my “new” office this morning. The church of the coffee shop of the Village Café, here in Greenwich, NY where on occasion I meet people to pray for them: “Market Place Ministry!” For the past ten years I have mostly turned left to go to work via the center of the village. This morning I was really drawn to turn right!
A little way down the hill was a woman in jogging gear, carrying a very large black and white dog. She looked stressed and worried. I stopped and lowered my window and asked her, “Are you OK?” She told me there was something wrong with her dog, so I offered her a ride home. I asked her if we needed to go to the vet right away. She said she had an appointment later. So I drove her home. She told me the dog was nine years old. She then told me she gave a ride to someone last week and wondered if anyone would stop if she ever needed help in the future!
Her house was half a mile away, a long haul with a large dog in your arms. I pulled up at her house and asked her if she was a Christian. She said yes. I said may I lay my hands on your dog, she said, “Absolutely” I did. The dog looked me right in the eyes and held my gaze with such a sad and forlorn look. I prayed…
If I hear more I will let you know…
Luke 10:25

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  1. Beverly Wirth says:

    It was through the laying on of hands on my dog, who could not walk, that I discovered the healing ministry. She had gotten into a deceased raccoon in the country and was paralyzed. BUT I believed Jesus would heal her, even though I knew NOTHING about the healing ministry at the time. Yes, the Lord healed her, just because I asked with all my heart, believing He would do it. Pretty simple, pretty powerful, DOGGONE brilliant, God is. That was 30 years ago, and I am still praying for folks, especially those with leg problems. And God is still doing the healing, and still getting the glory!
    Sr. V.G.

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