The leaf blower… part two.

I just pulled out the washer and the dryer to clean the vent.
Now, this time it was good.
The battery leaf blower is excellent at cleaning the vent
As long as you point the thing outside!
You should have seen what came out… half a doz
Single socks… we are having a party here.
Reunions all over the place.
Not really.
Just a lot of that gray fluffy stuff…
DO NOT use a leaf blower to clean the coils on your fridge.
This is really NOT a good idea.
Dyson or a hair dryer!
DO USE a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent at least once a year!
The Nozzle fitted into the vent very well.
Gray matter all over the side yard.
Why is dryer lint always gray?
I don’t even have any gray clothes.
I drained the hot after heater too.
I didn’t need the leaf blower for that!
If I had brains I’d be dangerous!
Stay tuned for more adventures of
Fr. Nigel+

2 thoughts on “The leaf blower… part two.

  1. Marge Francis says:

    Hi Nigel, met you many years ago at the oratory, live on Meadowland Drive, would bring my pets to your St Francis blessing of the animals…read your books, and loved your post on the leaf blower, read it to my husband, loved the Tim tool man reference and your bride’s disapproval! Just want you to know you have enriched my life and faith, then and now..God bless you, your wife, family and service to God and country. Sincerely, Marge Francis

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