NOTE TO SELF… I didn’t think it through.

Is it a good idea to bring a leaf blower in to the house?
In a word NO.
So, I started my spring cleaning check list…
First on the list, pull out the fridge and clean the cooling coils.
I wheeled the fridge out of its nesting place to find a huge
gathering of dog hair entangled amongst the coils.
I attacked it with the vacuum cleaner. It picked up
some of the offending dog hair but nowhere near all of it!
Ummm wha to do?
The vacuum did not pass the test.
Ah har…
Yes, you guessed I went outside and got the “Leaf Blower”
I thought, no worries, that will do the trick. It did…
I confess I did the “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” thing and
Did not think it through.
I knew it would remove the blockage but that’s as far as thought!
My bride was watching the TV.
I warned her of an impending very loud noise, but that was all.
I then put the battery leaf blower on full power.
The out come was very effective for the fridge.
It did the trick.
the explosion of dog hair and 5 years of dust on the other side of the
Fridge was so bad one could NOT see the other side of the room.
World war three had taken place in the kitchen.
We both ran out of the house looking like zombies.
NOTE TO SELF and fellow gentlemen…
If you are using out Door equipment, indoors, it is most likely a mistake!
There’s your clue…but you can expect fantastic results…
The motor house and coil of the fridge are like new…
The kitchen… looks like a bomb has gone off.
It took me ten minutes to clean the fridge.
And an hour and a half to clean the kitchen…
Five years from now I will use another plan…
Definitely PLAN B. At least I’ve got five years to think
What Plan B is….
All I have to say is
Needles to say… a redundant quote… My bride was not amused!
Laughing to myself in Virginia.
Feeling like a bit of a twit…

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