Living Beyond The Coma.

Three weeks away from life, or not?
Nigel W.D. Mumford+
I’m listening
To the silence
what will I hear?
What will the silence say?
What is the fear about silence… about nothing?
There is nothing to hear and nothing to fear,
Yet the silence is so very loud,
The void is immense, life on mute,
There appears to be nothing
Absolutely nothing.
So, I keep listening to the stillness.
Deeper, deeper, silence,
Nothingness, void…
What do I find in the void?
More silence, so quite, so peaceful.
To refill with the sounds
Of praise, sounds of rejoicing,
Angels and archangels voicing hymns
Moving into a deeper peace
As the truth of deeper silence pervades.
Move therefore into a deeper silence
With no fear, go deeper… then
Observe the silence, listen and be at peace.
What does the silence say to you
What do you hear?
Do you hear God as He fills you
With unconditional love
As the fleece of silence embraces your Soul
What will the silence say?
I can’t tell you – you have to listen – for yourself!
So put on silence for a little while
Embrace the still, the peace, the nothing,
Bring your Soul to peace with
The rejoicing of life and life abundant.
Live through the silence, into the beyond, being still…
but filled with life and the Holy Spirit.

4 thoughts on “Living Beyond The Coma.

  1. Beverly says:

    (Note 3rd paragraph, last line: Re-spell “quite” as *quiet.*
    *I think this post is wonderful!!! especially to grieving persons , lonely, alone. Thank you for writing this! *

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