Having a Pity Party?

Having a pity party?
Invite Jesus to the party!
Things will change,
Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

4 thoughts on “Having a Pity Party?

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    Cheryl McMahon says:

    I read this at just the right time! Is it going around….like a bad cold? I have been having a mega pity party and just said that to a friend today. Tonight, the thought went through my head, “without faith, it is impossible to please God.”
    I read Revelation just before Christmas and got stuck in this feeling of, “God must be really mad and disappointed in me.” So, tomorrow is a new day and I will work on handing over the negativity.

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    Beverly Wirth says:

    Last night I had a really superb Pity Party. It kept me up all night with weeping and wailing. But when dawn came, Jesus arrived and suddenly things changed. I jetted out of the house to the grocery store, and “out of a clear blue sky” (the sky WAS blue and clear), a friend I had not seen in 10 years appeared in the parking lot. Her name was Mary. (No coincidences here.) She shared with me “the best kept secret” in the Syracuse area, the Spiritual Renewal Center! We’re planning to go there together for some “fresh bread and honey”!!!!! Is this resurrection news, or what?

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