Boot camp to sandal camp!

Boot camp to sandal camp!
As a former drill instructor at the Royal Marine commando training school I met some interesting characters. Some cut out to be Commandos some not! It was my job to “break and remake”to “cull and to encourage” the way to the coveted green beret, if the recruit had the guts to press on and do it.
Now, as a priest it is my call to “remind and refine” and to “lead souls” to The Lord and “show the way to eternal life” if a soul has the guts to do it!
Not much difference, except I don’t have to shout, just love and point the way.
Ergo, Boot camp to sandal camp!
Thanks be to God.
~Nigel Mumford+

4 thoughts on “Boot camp to sandal camp!

  1. Anne DeGroff says:

    I can only see you as you are now…I cannot fathom you in the role of commando training. Do you ask God what took him so long to get you in the “right” footwear? I know,,we should not question God..perhaps you didn’t listen carefully enough in those days?

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