The Book of Life

“The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life, but will acknowledge that name before My Father and His angels.” Revelation 3:5
While I was in a coma in October 2009, I saw the Book of Life.
I felt as though I was floating in the atmosphere. Though I could not see the earth, I knew that I had left it! I saw very bright stars. As I looked about, I noticed the faint outline of the Book of Life. Somehow I knew what it was, straight away. It was enormous; it seemed to be six miles high and about one mile wide.
As I stared at it, the bottom right hand corner curled up and, in slow motion, a page turned. I could not see the hand that turned it. The page turned so slowly, it seemed to take forever. I even felt a breeze from its slight motion before it came to a rest. As I looked at each new page that was revealed, I could see tiny lights … millions of small lights. Each light represented a soul who was recorded in the Book of Life. As I studied the pages, I felt I was being introduced to everyone written there … the whole company of heaven!
Now here’s the astounding thing about this … through as sense of divine revelation, I felt that I knew each light! The lights were representative of the names, images, the works, the beings, and the souls of every person written in the Book.
Slowly another page turned; then another and another … millions more lights! As I eyed each of those lights, I somehow knew them to be individuals. I watched page after page … until, after a very long time, they stopped turning.
It was then that the edge of the final page, somehow quietly blended into the night sky. I had seen the Book of Life and all who are recorded in it! It was overwhelming.
Now, whenever I look up at a clear night sky, I get this strange feeling … like I know something. I was given a sneak peak, but I have to say it was a fearful and awesome feeling.
In October 2009, very near my own death; I was getting to know my future neighbors in heaven!
Rest in peace dear souls, until we meet again on “that” day…
Fr. Nigel Mumford+

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