At the Barbars Shop

~MUMFORD’s MUSINGs~A moment in the life of someone who prays for healing.

DATELINE 12/13/18 noon a Virginia Beach Barber’s shop.

So, I go to my barber for a hair cut today. I’m greeted as usual witha flurry of, “How are you Fr. Nigel?” “So good to see you again.” “Are you well?” “What’s up?”  “Everybody this is Fr. Nigel…” etc. it a joyful time. Somewhat embarrassing for this ambivert.  I’m led to the backroom where there are more stations but only one person cutting. As I’m getting my hair cut, the owner pops his head into the room. I have two customers who need prayer. Would you be willing to pray for them after your hair cut? My reply, “Yes of course.” 
After my hair cut two people are led into the back room. My temporary office!“How may I pray for you?” First was a painful back after a car crash and skiing accident. The second a painful work related damaged ankle. 

After the prayer the man with the painful ankle said he he felt intense heat and was still feeling that heat. The man with the painful back then said, in a very surprised voice said, “The pain has gone, the pain has GONE…” The man with the ankle, suddenly said his pain was gone too…
I paid my bill. Left a tip and went on my way, with a Merry Christmas to those waiting for haircuts… after they had heard what had gone on in the back room from the two men, I asked if anyone else would like a Christmas prayer…
Thank you God for your generous provision.