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Healing Greets Veterans at 'Welcome Home' Doors

CBN News - Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Welcome Home Initiative© Upcoming Retreats (Led by Fr. Nigel Mumford)
         June 28-30 2018 Lady Lakes, FL
         November 8-10 2018 Virginia Beach, VA

There is no cost for a veteran or spouse to attend these retreats. Hotel accommodation and meals are provided

To attend: Contact us via email: [email protected] - phone 561-877-0944 or (757-496-0001)

If you or someone you know is dealing with Post Trauma Disorder or PTSD, please call us.  We are here to help.

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The WHI Program is an intense, focused three-day retreat for military veterans (and spouses); who served their country in combat and may be suffering, in varying degrees, from post-traumatic stress.

WHI Group Prayer

The Welcome Home Initiative© format is designed to bring about awareness of even the hidden impact of combat service upon veterans; assuring them of a welcoming and safe place to accomplish essential spiritual and emotional healing. The program is geared to help every participant know and experience that they are "welcomed home" in every sense.

Anointing a Veteran's Trigger Finger

The WHI program is comprised of a series of talks designed to give an overview of healing PTSD, resources for coping and recovery, the importance of telling your story (and how to do so effectively), the healing of memories, impact upon family and other close relationships, and other discussions designed to meet your specific needs or those of your family members. The esprit de corps, connections, and friendships that are formed during these retreats are outstanding. Participants experience camaraderie and even equal footing, regardless of their rank or branch of service.

Walls which once seemed too high to scale, crumble in the face of common shared experience. On one retreat, a 3-star Army general and a rifleman bonded and preferred to sit together whenever we gathered corporately. Though a serious and meaningful time for all, there is also much levity and laughter; these are a wonderful few days of good food, fun, and lodging as well.

WHI 2015-07-19

WHI 2015 Closing

DVD sets; filmed teachings are available.  A resource for Churches and communities to bring this teaching to your home and city.

Healing the Wounds of War

2016-08-23_0940by Wes Jagoe

Twenty-seven combat veterans sat in a circle at a small church in Virginia Beach, and I thought I had no business being there. I kept telling people I was going just to learn how to minister to veterans in my future ministry and that “maybe I’ll get something out of it myself.” God physically protected me from harm in Afghanistan, and I truly believe He protected me from the serious and obvious effects of combat trauma that many combat veterans face. Read more »

Welcome Home Initiative© Products

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Now available:

DVD Teaching & training for anyone who is interested in hosting a Welcome Home Initiative Retreat -- Buy online ........ $100.00

Leader & Participant's guide ........ $22.00

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