The Red Apple with a Green Heart

By Nigel Mumford+
For Christmas, my bride an I were given a triple layer polystyrene container of apples from Upstate New York from close friends. One of the apples had a distinctive green heart on it. I carried it with me, wondering when I was going to eat it. I had occasion to go the mall to get new lenses for my eye glasses. They told me it would take an hour. So, I walked to the main area of the Mall where lots of people were milling around, sitting or enjoying a coffee. I looked around and found a place to sit.
I sat praying for all the people I could see. A young woman next to me said, “It’s fun to people watch isn’t it?” I said, “Yes but I’m praying your them too.”
We had a great chat. She told me she wanted to be a nurse. Loverly person.
I had my collar on as she asked me what do I do as a priest? I told her and mentioned that I’ve written a few books. “I’ve never met an author before.”
She said.
Then I remembered the red apple with a green heart in my pocket.
I took it out of my pocket and gave it to her saying that I had had this in my pocket for while and God just told me to give it to you!
Her jaw dropped. It was like time stood still…
She told me that her Grandmother had died 6 months ago and that since then, all the family have either found hearts or have been given hearts…
She sat there looking at me…
It was a true God moment, amongst hundreds of people…
Again God got my attention. I would add it got hers too!
The Red Apple
With a green heart…

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