Testimonies from an OSL conference.

From Cindy –
I REALLY enjoyed this healing conference with Father Nigel, and truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have never heard anyone speak in tongues before….wow! This experience is one I will never forget! (Fr. Nigel also prayed for her in tongues).
From Bob –
Yes, I’m the tall guy who Nigel used in his demonstration on “how not to pray for someone”.
I’ve had chronic back pain for almost 20 years and after herniating two disks last spring, things got worse. The doctors suggested daily physical therapy exercises and stretching which I’ve done for a year, but day-to-day activities still lead to a lot of back pain.
However, after attending the Healing Service, the tightness and stiffness immediately disappeared. The last two nights, I slept peacefully rather than tossing and turning all night which is great! God does perform miracles…
Nigel is a valuable tool for God’s work…
From Betty –
I’m so sorry I was unable to stay after lunch on Sat. This was wonderful. There was a healing without Father Nigel directly laying hands upon me: Feb. 28 would have been our daughter, Amy”‘s 40th birthday, and I was emotionally hurting terribly. Because Father Nigel had me laughing so hard, I now feel so very much better. While I was sitting in the pew, I asked for Jesus to heal me through Father Nigel anyway. He did.
I hope & pray that we will again be able to have him back! He’s such a holy, yet outrageously funny priest!
From Susan –
I did–from emotional wounds of abandonment and rejection more than once–in early to middle childhood and adolescence and again in young adulthood. I have been struggling with the hurt and anger of those times a lot recently, and to be freed from the bondage of those feelings is truly a blessing,
From Tim & Gwynne –
I (Tim) came into the conference weekend with a very compromised set of lungs do to an allergic reaction that had started a few days earlier. I was wheezing heavily (Gwynne can confirm this) and forcing myself to breathe deeply just to get enough air. Normally I will recover after removing myself from the allergy causing agent, but recovery usually takes a minimum of a week or two. I went to bed Friday night struggling to breath. After hearing and embracing the evenings sharing, along with the closing prayers by Fr. Nigel and others, I was intending to ask for prayer for my lungs on Sat. I awoke Sat. morning to find my lungs completely restored to a normal state of functioning. An overnight recovery! No shortness of breath. No struggling to breath deep just to get enough air. Without a doubt I know I was touched by the Holy Spirit and give praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus. I went into worship Sat. singing full on.
Along with this, my wife and I returned to our responsibilities (intercessory prayer team leaders) at our fellowship on Sunday with a powerfully renewed sense of our calling in Him and a sense of His empowering presence to touch other lives, to His glory.
Our thanks to all who participated in and made this last weekend possible. God bless each and all, particularly Fr. Nigel.
From Dottie
Thank you so much for organizing the Healing Prayer Conference. I learned many new ideas. I never thought about saying Grace over my medicines, but I have been doing it since I read about it in one of the books.
From Marilyn
Blessings and thanks to everyone who made this weekend such a success. All may not be cured but there was healing in abundance.

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