September 2022
Please join me in praising God for my latest CT results of Sept. 19 – stable, unchanged. I am so grateful and thankful to God for the latest result. I attended he online healing service of Sept. 7 that you offered. I had amazing peace for the next 12 days before the tests and thanked God every day. These tests given every four months are so stressful, so to have such peace was a wonderful gift. I am now starting my fourth year of being cancer-free! Isn’t that great?!!! Blessings to you Fr. Nigel and Lynn.

November 2021

By His Wounds, Inc.
To Whom it May Concern:

It was the last thing I’d ever expect to hear, “You have cancer.” Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to become a victim of this horrible disease, and yet it happened.
That was six years ago in 2015, and this invasive illness didn’t want to let up.
Initially, after enduring the harsh treatments of surgery and radiation in 2015, I hoped my uterine cancer was over. But then in 2018 two new tumors appeared, one on my stomach and in one lung. With the help of Doctors and nutrition, I kept them from progression any further … for awhile.
However, in the spring of 2020 my scan revealed that a total of three more tumors had attached themselves to my kidney, liver and the other lung, giving a total of five tumors. With a positive attitude and detrmination to live, I accepted seven treatments of chemo, ending with the results of four and a half tumors now gone.
The year of 2021 brought forth another challange…four new tumors in each lung (total of eight) were now visibl Prayer has always been a part of my life, and belief and trust in Jesus’ healing is very solid.
So, it was a joy when I heard that Father Nigel Mumford was in town in October 2021, for he is blessed with the gift of healing hands. With great hopeful anticipation I felt his trembling hands upon me as the Holy Spirit’s anointing was passing through his hands to my body.
It was then confirmed by two cancer doctors on 10/11/21 and 11/18/21 that the eight tumors in the lungs had dissolved!
I firmly believe in the power of Christ’s healing wich was channeled through Father Nigel’s loving hands. PRAISE GOD!

Barbie M.

March 2020

Dearest Nigel,
We just want to thank you for this past weekend. 
We feel so blessed to have met you.  You are the best example I have ever met of being a true servant of God.
This ministry you have for these people in pain, that you have dedicated your life to, is such an example of being a servant that God wants us all to be.  The people you gather around you to help you with this ministry is also amazing.
This weekend was such a wonderful experience, I wish I could give this experience to so many people that I love. I’m so sorry that you struggle with breathing and walking and yet you don’t let this stop you from your goal.  You remind me of Paul in the Bible. (I doubt he had your sense of humor).  You are one very special child of God and we feel so blessed to have met you.

David said to tell you his hand still feels great!

God bless you and keep you healthy so you can continue His work.  Again, that you for being such an example for us all.
David & Brenda T

August 24, 2018
To: Nigel Mumford
From: Fred

It has taken me a couple of months to express to you my feelings about the Welcome Home.

When I returned from Vietnam my welcome home was anything but a welcome home it was abusive, disgusting and disheartening, I was called baby killer, attacked and beaten along with other unmentionables.

I am not a person that can put my feelings into words.  I will try to express my gratitude to you and the entire crew with the Welcome Home Initiative.  I am an individual that has lived over 50 years with shame, bitterness, and disgust in myself for who I had become.  For over 48 years I stopped going to church because I didn’t feel I belonged in church.  I have committed acts that I could not forgive myself for what had taken place.  I started going to church about 2 years ago and it helped but only slightly.  I believe I was not a believer.  A friend told me abut the Welcome Home Initiative.  I felt that there has to be something out there for me.  Needless to say I registered and as the time came closer to attend I has built up that there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.

The total experience of the Welcome Home was way beyond anything I could have possibly thought it would be. My Life has changed.  I have been forgiven. The experience of the Welcome Home will live within me for life. My relationship with my wife of 52+ years has greatly improved. My relationships with my sons and friends has improved, and most important my relationship with my GOD has improved. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to experience such a program.  My forever thanks goes out to you and the entire team.  If there is any way that I may be able to assist you in the Welcome Home Initiative, please let me know.

Bless you my Brother,

Fred N

Dear Nigel:
The WHI weekend combined a very effective combination of cognitive, effective and spiritual elements that brought healing and peace to me and my wife.
We went as a group of seven veterans and wives from Sebring Florida.  We all have experienced transformed lives since the pivotal weekend we spent with you.  We have been healed and blessed in ways that no other treatment or therapy even approached.  With man, these healings were not possible but with God all things are possible. We give glory to God for the healing and restoration he has poured out upon us.  We are all recommending WHI to other combat veterans.
The Rev. Scott McLean

July 30, 2018

To whom it may concern,

This is a heartfelt letter to assure any couple who is thinking, praying and considering attending The WELCOME HOME INITIATIVE® retreat, is by far one far the best decisions you and your spouse can make together.

This is an informative amazing experience that Rev. Nigel Mumford and his compassionate staff met all who attended with love and fruits of the spirit and humor.  This ground-breaking retreat comes full circle with emotional healing a new language and techniques for those living with the complexity of PTSD.  They also shared with each couple extraordinary passion for the dynamics of marriage.

We are “Henderson Strong” refined, renewed, and refreshed from this experience.
Linda Henderson

To whom it may concern,

My wife, Linda and I attended our 1st WELCOME HOME INITIATIVE® retreat held in the Villages this past June.  We came with an open mind and open heart.  We came to learn, understand and begin to heal.  My wife had no idea of the severity of my PTSD and very little about the disorder at all.  She came to support me, to love me, and to get a better handle on my issues.
From day one we were welcomed with open arms.  Everyone involved was very friendly, kind, warm, and genuine.  Nigel and the volunteers had everything well organized, it was laid out well, and easy to understand just what we were going to be doing.  Our groups both separate and together with our wives were informative, statistics, and heartfelt stories.
The hotel was fantastic, the food was good, the friendship forged and the peace that prevailed the whole weekend were well worth it!  We both were healed, learned, renewed our vows, came closer together, closer to God and begin anew!
I would highly recommend this to any couple or individual that needs healing, understanding and the opportunity to enjoy other veterans in a warm family type of setting.  We have used the tools that we learned during the weekend several times and they have helped us very much. To anyone that is considering attending, we highly recommend the WELCOME HOME INITIATIVE®.  Please go with an open mind and heart and you’ll receive some much-needed healing.

Thank you, Nigel, and the volunteer staff in all that you’ve done.  It was “BRILLIANT!”

Michael Henderson.
Tallevast, FL  34270

July 19, 2018

Dear Fr. Nigel and all the WHI volunteers,

Today marks three weeks since the 34th WHI retreat. I don’t even know how to begin and describe to you how our lives have changed since meeting you all. My husband was diagnosed in 2005 with PTSD, but it wasn’t until he was medically retired from the Army did I realize the magnitude of his injuries. Once he was retired, alone with his thoughts and coupled with feeling like he no longer had a purpose he changed. His invisible injures became visible, they became visible to me and the children and people that saw him on a regular basis. This once vibrant man, full of life and fun turned into someone we no longer recognized. Someone full of anger and negativity, someone full of shame and hurt. I could no longer reach him, I thought our 30-year love was over. I stayed busy, didn’t want to go home and found every excuse I could be get away from him. Then the news came that not only did he have PTSD, but he had a TBI and Early Onset Dementia caused by his years in action. Now, within minutes of this news I realized I was no longer just his wife, I was now his full-time caretaker. I had to cut back my time I spent on my company and non-profit organization and spend almost 100% of my day with a man that didn’t act like he wanted to be around me. For two years I prayed every day that God would help me just get through each day and that Shawn would have a break through. He would go to church with me, but he did it just to appease me.
Then in March of this year I heard about WHI. One of the ladies in my support group gave me the information and told me she thought this would help us. I told Shawn about it, but I failed to mention it was a faith-based retreat in the beginning. You must understand, this is someone that was raised in church and knows more about the bible and God than some clergy I know. But since he came back from Iraq in 2005 if you were to ask him if he believed in God, he would not answer you. As the time came closer for the retreat, I did finally tell him that it was a faith-based retreat. He wanted to back out until he learned that a few other local veterans would be attending. The week before we were to attend, it seemed as if everything was fighting us from attending. But I didn’t give up and thank God I didn’t.
This first day of the retreat we met everyone that would go on this journey with us, along with the members of WHI. By the end of the first night Shawn was more relaxed, and I could tell was getting comfortable with everyone. He loved Fr. Nigel and still tells everyone he is the funniest man he ever met. We got up the next morning and I have to say I wasn’t expecting much, but by the end of the day God had begun our healing.
We were in separate groups all day and by the end of the day we were to meet in the fellowship hall. As I was walking in, another veteran that was attending the retreat came up to me and said, “you are going home with a different man because I saw God working on him today.” I just smiled and laughed and told him I hoped that would be the case. A moment later I saw Shawn come around the corner and I can only explain it one way. He looked as if he was lighter, not in weight but as if a sheer gleam was beaming from him. He was smiling, he was laughing, he didn’t have his security blanket on (his hat he wears every waking hour) and his eyes were like I hadn’t seen them in years. I couldn’t stop staring at him, I felt that I might just have my husband and best friend back.
That evening as we went back to our rooms and were getting settled for the night he apologized to me. He apologized for not being the man I fell in love with and apologized for the man he had become. This is the first time we had talked without anger or hurt interfering in our conversation. This is the first time we spoke to each other with God and love being our focus in years. The final day of the retreat was bittersweet as we had grown to love and appreciate everyone there. I was afraid that we would leave, and everything would go back to was it was.
We prayed for each other as couples, we were prayed for buy the church that hosted the retreat, we were prayed for by people all over. What an amazing place to be, to be blessed and have so many people praying for us, people that don’t even know us other than to know we needed healing. The final hours of the retreat were just filled with love and tears, but the good kind of tears.
Three weeks later, and so much has changed in our lives. Dare I say, I got my husband back? No, I have something better. I got my godly husband back, I got the man back that I fell in love with 30 years ago, the man that prays with me and for me. He is active in church now, he’s even started to help with the children’s ministry.
Shawn isn’t the only one that starting healing, I have changed also. I have been able to forgive him for the things he’s done in the past and forgive myself for feeling anger toward him. We know it’s not always going to be easy and that we will still have hard days, but we know with God anything is possible and we must keep him the focus in our marriage.
I can’t begin to thank you all for everything you have done. Not only for us, but the other couples. I wasn’t there when my husband had his breakthrough during the men’s session and I don’t know at what point it was, but I’m so thankful it happened. The compassion and love that was shared by everyone at WHI is indescribable.
I know the healing will continue and that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am well with that. I know he will be healed because God came to me during my time at the retreat and told me he would be healed. I want you to know, without WHI none of this would have happened. I would not be writing the same kind of testimony, I would not have my husband back and I would not have begun my healing.
The WHI in my opinion, is the best thing that could happen to any veteran returning home with invisible injuries. There are so many hurting veterans and their spouses that need this program, and I promise to help spread the word. Thank you for being our guiding light back to God and back to life!

Thank you and God bless you all,

Annette and Shawn Owens

July 15, 2018

RE:  Welcome Home Initiative #34

Dear Fr. Nigel,
My dear brother and fellow priest, just saying thank you for the wonderful few days during the most recent “Welcome Home Initiative,” is just simply not enough.  My wife and I have been in ministry for 34 years of which the last 25 years have been in Pittsburgh.  Though I am an Air Force veteran, but not a combat veteran, you saw, and you understood, that through all the years of serving the Lord in the inner city of Pittsburgh, ministering to the poor and the homeless, including so many combat veterans who terribly suffer from PTSD, had indeed taken a toll on my wife and I.  As you stated, the secondary PTSD that was affecting my life and my marriage was also affecting the Anglican church we started in June 1993, Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship, as well as, our housing ministry to homeless veterans called Shepherd’s Heart Veteran’s Home.
The healings that I went through during the WHI retreat, have continued since my wife and I returned home.  The healings, both physical and emotional continue to overwhelm me.  I have experienced in the last 2 weeks, such healings of traumatic memories and physical afflictions, that I can barely contain myself.  I have operated in the power of the Holy Spirit since I turned 28 years old and I am now 60 years of age.  I have seen and witnessed inner healings and physical healings for over 30 years, but I was not prepared for what our Lord Jesus had in store for me, for my marriage, and for the ministry of Shepherd’s Heart.  The healings are still coming.  How I am praising the Lord.
I want to share with you about the healings the Lord started doing while attending the WHI retreat.  On Friday afternoon of the retreat, you and your ministry team began praying for the men who had attended.  As you laid hands on me and began praying over me, I saw the Lord for the very first time in my life, come into the very first memory of a childhood trauma that began when I was 3 years old.  I saw Jesus open the door of the dryer that I had been forced into and take me out of dryer and held me close to His heart while saying to me, “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE.”  For the very first time in my life, I felt safe!  I knew I was safe!  I knew in my spirit that Satan did not have a hold on me anymore.  I knew that the healing I had so longed for, the healing that so many in my life had prayed for, the healings, both emotional and physical that I was desperate to have, had now begun.  You told me later that day that once Jesus appeared in this first memory, that He would continue to bring healings almost in many of the other traumatic memories of my life. You described it like the beginning of a “domino effect.”  My dear brother, how right you have been.  The memories are being knocked down by Jesus, one right after another.  Praise God!!
About an hour after Jesus appeared in that first memory, I saw Jesus appear in a second memory.  While in the Air Force, I was 20 years old.  I had been forced into a small box while going through a 3-day Prisoner of War training exercise.  It was dark, I was very much afraid and confused to why the fear had such a grip on me.  I saw Jesus opened the door of this small box and helped me out of the box and just held me.  Again, Jesus said to me, “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE.”  That afternoon, on the retreat, I began to cry because I knew without a doubt, the healings had started.  God is so good.

My wife, Tina and I returned to Pittsburgh the evening of July 1st.  I was not prepared for what the Lord was getting ready to do.  The healings began to come in rapid succession.  On the evening of July 4th, my wife and I were watching the fireworks in our town.  It was very dark, and the fireworks were majestic.  Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord in my spirit say “freedom, freedom, freedom,” and in the next 10 minutes, I had 10 more “Jesus appearances” in 10 different traumas in my life.  Each time I heard the Lord say to me, “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE.”  Oh, what a most amazing God of Love and healing we serve.  Praise His Most Holy Name!!  Since that night, I have two more powerful Jesus appearances, totaling 12 healing of memories since the WHI retreat started on June 28, 2018.  As Jesus has said to me each time he has appeared in my memory, “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE.” 

There is another part of this most amazing healing. Since the healing of my memories have started, I am beginning to experience a powerful physical healing. I have suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis for the last 22 years.  I was later diagnosed with a type of arthritis caused when the psoriasis would manifest in my joints and cause severe inflammation. I have lived with severe physical pain for all these 22 years.
Since returning from Florida and the WHI retreat, the psoriasis seen on the skin has been disappearing.  More importantly, the swelling of my joint pain has diminished drastically.  My wife and my team at Shepherd’s Heart have noticed such a big difference in my skin and in my joints.  I have not been in pain at all since I returned from the WHI retreat.   I am extremely excited, and I believe that I am going to be fully healed from this physical affliction.  I have no doubt that the healing of my memories has also brought on the healing from this terrible type of arthritis.  The chronic pain from the arthritis is now gone.  Praise the Lord!!
Thank my dear brother for your love and your faithfulness to your call.  I give all the Glory to Jesus.  You and your family and ministry are always in my prayers. 

Sincerely your brother in Christ,
The Rev. Michael D. Wurschmidt
Rector, Shepherd’s Heart Anglican Fellowship
Executive Director, Shepherd’s Heart Veteran’s Home;
Pittsburgh PA.

Here is our testimony from the June 2018 WHI:

As a homeschooling mama to 3 young boys, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to get out of Virginia and spend some quality time together for the first time in our marriage of 11 years. We  had no idea what to expect from the WHI and only knew that it was a time to be with other veterans suffering from PTSD. My husband wasn’t fully convinced he suffered from any form of PTSD. However, I noticed some symptoms (isolation, withdrawing from fun, irritability, anger, sleep issues etc.) were NOT improving with time…. and, I needed a break from my duties at home so we decided to go!
On the first day, we weren’t totally convinced and wondered how we could escape to have a date night. We were the youngest couple and I began convincing myself that we were fine and didn’t need to be there.  I honestly lacked faith that there would be any changes. How could 3 days undo all that had been done? We did escape for a date night and didn’t really have much to talk about. But, then came Day 2 and this is where the healing began.
On the second day, the men and women were bathed in prayer. We were able to confess, we were anointed, prayed over, and walls began to crumble. Lies from the enemy were being torn down as we learned the truth about how our husbands were affected from PTSD but also how wives can suffer secondary PTSD! For the last 2 1/2 years I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and a physical illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose. By Day 2, I was on my knees praising God for changes that I knew would come to pass. This same day my husband began confessing, for the first time, his brokenness. That evening we couldn’t stop talking and were now beginning to mourn the end of the retreat! We had begun to form relationships with people of all ages and age suddenly made no difference to either of us.
On the third day, we stood amazed. During a prayer for us a couple, we were healed! Our marriage was renewed, my husband was delivered from his anger and irritability, and I was healed from anxiety and depression! Hallelujah! We talk incessantly now, we’re having FUN for the first time since we were newlyweds, we have been on our knees worshipping our God instead of watching TV in the evenings, and our house has joy, peace, and laughter!! God has truly turned our sorrow into joy and our mourning into dancing. It is such a blessing to me to see my husband full of life again! It blesses me to be able to live my life abundantly! We walked in on Day 1 broken as individuals, as parents, and as a couple. We left filled with the fire and glory of God! All praise to God for His wonderful works! We now pray for God to continue to bless this ministry as they seek to heal the wounds of our country’s bravest men and women!
Lastly, I have never witnessed a more beautiful bride adorned for her Husband. The Church was the most beautiful outpouring of Love I have ever experienced in my life. Every stranger I saw stopped me, looked at my nametag and said, “Oh! I’ve been praying for you and your husband!” It was so humbling and beautiful. The generosity of time, love, resources, and prayers was outstanding. We stand in awe of what the Lord has done and continues to do through WHI.
Isn’t that like God? We went for healing for Bryce and I ended up being the one in need of deliverance!! So thankful for the Healer!
Blessings ahead,

Last month I came to Galilee to say “Thank you Nigel”

You see 5 years ago my life bumped up against a very rocky shore. I had a persistent pain in my back and I wondered “What’s wrong?” In August of 2012 I received the dreaded CANCER phone call and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable ancreatic and liver cancer. This is a terrible diagnosis – only 1% of people with pancreatic cancer will live for 5 years. To make matters worse, the cancer had escaped my pancreas and spread to my liver. It could not be surgically removed. At that time the doctors told me I had 6-9 months to live. I was in my mid-fifties with a healthy lifestyle, rarely sick, no family history, a great marriage, three children and a rewarding career. How could such a beautiful August day hold such bad news? I had a death sentence over my head. And yet I had everything to live for.

My husband, my friends and my church decided that we were going to work this illness hard. Medically and spiritually we would bring every weapon to bear against this. I began 12 rounds of chemo at the University of Chicago. By Christmas 2012 I had only made it through 5 of the 12 prescribed rounds of chemo. I was desperately sick. I could barely stand, eat or think in a complete sentence. I looked like a concentration camp victim. But God knew my need. And God began to orchestrate gifted healers to enter my life. Nigel is foremost among those healers.

In February 2013 Nigel came to a nearby church, St Marks Episcopal in Geneva IL, to teach a weekend seminar on healing prayer. My friends carried me to see him. In our appointment with Nigel he took a careful spiritual inventory of my soul, our marriage and talked to us about healing. The elders of St Marks, my husband and friends sat in a circle around us
and Nigel began to pray over me. I felt heat and electric current run through his hands. The Holy Spirit descended powerfully. In the following weeks and months my friends and church family came every Friday to anoint me with oil, lay hands on me and pray for healing. I was soaked in prayer. I learned to be open to many types of prayer: with words and silence, friends singing over me, friends reading Scripture over me, long and short, soft and loud, usually with touch, speaking in tongues, wise words and simple prayers. I am convinced that God hears all prayers and that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us as only He can.

I believe that Nigel “jump-started” my healing on that cold February day. My healing did not happen instantly. Most of my healing came in the year after meeting with Nigel. Healing is rarely instantaneous and always mysterious. I completed the 12 rounds of chemo. I did not see myself as helpless but I got up and got moving and God blessed. Doctors expect that pancreatic cancer will come back within a few months of finishing chemo. By now, you’ve guessed that 5 years later I am doing really well. My blood counts have been normal for several years and the CT scans show scar tissue but no active tumor in my pancreas.

Healing is a gift God gives His Church. As a church, Galilee you have believed in this gift. Without razzle-dazzle or flashy words you have supported and nurtured Nigel’s ministry and the ministry of your prayer team. Healing is a gift that God has given to Nigel. Thank you for loaning him out to other churches for healing seminars, for supporting The Welcome Home Initiative, for loving and praying for him. Gratitude is foremost in my thoughts. Keep going, keep asking. I want you to know what a difference God and Nigel have made in my life and to a watching world.

Testimony of Collateral Healing of Cancer Growth

To God be the Glory!
(Published with the writer’s permission)


It was great to see you last weekend out at Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville. (May 20, 2017)

Thought you might want to add this to your list of healing miracles.

On the Wednesday prior to seeing you (17 May), I went in for my periodic dermatology examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. (I’ve got a history of skin cancers — spending too much time out on the artillery ranges in my youth, wearing berets with my sleeves rolled up!) The dermatologist noted that I had a small skin cancer on my upper lip – but needed to do a biopsy to determine if it was a non-malignant basil cell carcinoma, or a malignant melanoma. Since my doctoral hooding ceremony was the following day (18 May), I postponed the biopsy until the next Monday.

That Saturday (20 May), we came out to your class & healing prayer service. Didn’t ask for any prayer for myself — rather, we asked for (name given) to get relief from her migraine headaches.

On Monday morning (22 May), I went back out to Walter Reed, and the nurse was preparing for the surgery to do the biopsy (anesthetic, scalpel, needle & thread, gauze, etc.). The same dermatologist came in to ‘mark’ the area that was going to be excised — and suddenly stopped, then asked the nurse for her lighted magnifying glass. After examining my lip (again), she told the nurse to put away the surgical kit — there was nothing to biopsy. The cancerous growth on my lip was nowhere to be seen.

The dermatologist called in her superior, who did a second examination — and he came to the same conclusion. They consulted her notes from the Wednesday before to make sure they were looking at the right spot (they were). I mentioned to the doctor that we had been at your class / healing prayer service, and that you had laid your hands-on Carol & me. Though I had not asked you to pray for the cancer on my lip, apparently there was collateral healing of my cancerous growth.

The senior dermatologist commented that the power of prayer was quite amazing. That’s an understatement.

Thanks be to God (and thanks to you for conducting the event this past weekend). We are honored to be able to support your ministry.

To God be the Glory!

Please share my thanks and gratitude to the prayer team for their fervent prayers for my dad’s healing of his brain tumor. We visited the oncologist, Dr. Michael McCormack, today and he was encouraged. When the diagnosis was made at the end of February, neither he nor the radiologist were very optimistic. Dad had made some improvement since completion of his radiation (April 10th) but there had been no shrinkage of the tumor as of May 12th. We were told that could take up to 12 weeks.

Since Nigel Mumford’s visit on May 20th, the healing has been significant. He’s not sleeping during the day as much, has more energy, no pain, improved appetite, he has enough focus to read again, he’s progressed from using a quad cane to a single tipped cane, and is even walking without it on occasion. The most remarkable thing occurred on the afternoon of Nigel’s visit, he was out riding on the golf course with my sisters to just get out of the house and get some fresh air and decided he would try to hit a golf ball. He just took up golf four years ago, has peripheral neuropathy in his right leg so balance is a challenge but he drove that ball straight and over 150 yards not once but five times.

My step mother couldn’t believe it and said she had never seen him it so far, so straight or so well! Of the two things that he wanted to be able to do again when he was diagnosed was golf and the other is dance.

This is only a fraction of God’s abundant grace through this challenge. There are God moments every day, I wish I had kept track of them and it’s not until I reflect back that I recognize His constant presence in every moment of my Dad’s life. I am overwhelmed by your generous outpouring of prayer, God is truly in the faces and hearts of each and every one of you.

My dad will receive at least two more immunotherapy treatments of Keytruda. One on the 16th of June and the next on July 10th. Please be so kind as to keep him in your prayers.

One other aside, Rev. Mumford suggested we ask our doctors to pray for us and today we asked Dr. McCormack if he would pray for our dad. He said, “Of course!” and then asked if we would pray for him. we said, “Of course! We already are.”

If it’s not asking too much, please keep him in your prayers as well. In addition to the fact that he was encouraged by dad’s progress, he was also intrigued. Dad’s tumor was the size of an egg in the back upper left hemisphere of his brain. This is extremely rare and was inoperable, he was told to get his affairs in order. The Dr. used the word “intrigued” several times by dad’s progress, I suggested, if he had the time to read any one of Nigel Mumford’s books, he would be intrigued.

Thank you and God’s blessings on each and every one of you for the good work you do.

P.S. Thank you for prayers on my behalf, I have a much greater sense of peace and serenity. It’s proven countless times over, His abundance is more than I could ask or imagine.

Veteran is Set Free from a 25 Year Nightmare

November 2016

Fr. Nigel,

There aren’t enough words to express my thankfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit and of course the prayers of the team of the Welcome Home Initiative. But also want to share a few more details of the rest of the inner healing and to be honest some of the struggles I had. The night of the inner healing breakthrough of my Desert Storm Basra Highway memory/trigger of school buses I was enjoying the freedom I felt and trying to go to sleep. Then my analytical mind kicked in and something didn’t make sense about Jesus driving the bus. The enemy even tried to interject, “that’s right Jesus drove them into destruction”! I immediately took that thought captive because I knew that was not of God! I found myself asking for forgiveness of questioning but praying to Jesus for clarity. Within moments I had another vision of a couple children sitting on Jesus lap on the bus. I heard in my spirit him saying he was comforting them and then the vision of Jesus driving the bus as he said (in my spirit) ”I’m driving them home to be with me forever”.

I’m overwhelmed with happy tears just typing this at the beautiful reframing of a 25 year nightmare! I have to also add that I wrestled with guilt for a while as I came to serve on the team at WHI and not necessarily to be served. You see my prayer when the women’s team met was for more of Him and less of me; and my story to help others. Well God definitely was able to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine J When you asked me to come forward I felt peace which is totally God cause you know how I am with attention lol. Later God confirmed this was  “for such a time as this” moment.

Monday when I went to work was beautiful too! Every time I saw a  bus I could not only smile but found myself giggling through the tears of joy! The mind can truly be the battlefield; Jesus has taught me to surrender more than fight.  To God be the Glory for this huge healing (a 25 year nightmare and a 19 year answered prayer).

But I’m also THANKFUL to you and please pass on to the entire team and Galilee Church and all the supporters of WHI- a HUGE THANK YOU! I am so humbled and thankful to be part of such a great team of the Welcome Home Initiative!

Forever Grateful,
Val Miler

Healing the Wounds of War

Published in The Current in March/April 2016
by Wes Jagoe

Twenty-seven combat veterans sat in a circle at a small church in Virginia Beach, and I thought I had no business being there. I kept telling people I was going just to learn how to minister to veterans in my future ministry and that “maybe I’ll get something out of it myself.” Read more »

Divine Healing

July 2016

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my most sincere gratitude for the time you spent with my daughter Riley and I. Our healing began as soon as Riley was able to speak and share how she felt.

We appreciate your time, the prayers, and miraculous healing that we experienced during our visit and time together. You’re surrounded by a beautiful and supportive team and it was a pleasure to meet them and receive their blessings. It was an amazing reminder that we’re always watched over and cared for regardless of where we’re at on our journey and what we encounter. We are so blessed and I ask God to continue to shower you and your ministry with blessings, love and light.

Thank you.

Healing Service Prayer

July 2016

I was invited by a friend last Tuesday night to come to the healing service at your church (Galilee). I really like the worship and preaching. As I sat in my seat, I really wanted to come up for prayer for me, but felt I needed to pray for my husband. After being anointed and prayed for by Fr. Nigel, I went to the three ladies on prayer team, that were standing on the right. I told the ladies that I wanted prayer for me, but really felt that the Lord wanted me to pray for my husband. I was grateful.

I asked for prayer for my hip that has giving me trouble since 2004 because of a car accident that I was in. In 2014, I fell at a store (that refuses to pay my medical bills-another prayer for another time) and my hip has been in severe pain since. Every day I was waking up in pain and had to wait until my leg/hip was “lubed”.

After the ladies prayed for me, I was excited to see what the Lord was going to do.

(Another thing, I have not been able to sleep on my left side since 2004). Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was the first time that I have been able to sleep on my left side without pain. I woke up on Wednesday morning totally healed!!! I am praising the Lord! He is a good, good Father!!! I am also thanking him for this ministry and I pray many blessings upon it. Thank you for your faithfulness! May God bless you all abundantly!!

Can’t wait till next month. Hoping to bring more people!


April 2016

Awesome day on Saturday!  Many thanks to you and all those who were involved in putting the day together.  Nigel is just BRILLIANT!  His messages will be with me for quite some time to come.  Thank you!

I Brought Some Friends and They Loved It!

April 2016

I was so impressed by the Healing Conference yesterday with the speaker: The Rev. Nigel Mumford.  I can’t really put my emotions into words but the Holy Spirit was there and moving and working.  I brought some friends and they loved it!

I am believing for healing for my sister-in-law’s fiancé who has PTS from combat (he was there yesterday) and for an elder from our church who came on a whim and was tremendously blessed.  A woman purchased the Welcome Home Initiative for him and said God told her to buy it and give it to him.  He was amazed!

It was a wonderful, wonderful day and I laughed heartily.

New Life Again in Christ Jesus!

March 2016

Rev Nigel,

Thank you for the great healing time and all the prayers at Shepherd of the Hills church Hernando, Florida.
We were blessed by your wisdom, sharing your personal experience, and the love of Jesus!

It’s exciting to share the books and information with others so that they may be healed and experience peace.

I will always remember March 12, 2016, as the healing day of my past and of PTS. I have a new life again in Christ Jesus. “It’s brilliant ! “

Thank you for your ministry!
God Bless you and your family.

For His Sake,

PS Thank you for recommending J. John- powerful evangelist and great testimony.

Deep Emotional Healing

November 2015

My wife and I attended the 11/12/2015 Welcome Home retreat at Galilee Church. I’ve been able to cope with my PTS from Vietnam, but our friend D.J hasn’t and so the only way we could get them to attend was to bring him and his wife, Jane to the retreat. D.J. is still a work in progress for our Lord, but Jane, his wife was able to receive deep emotional healing.

I just wanted to thank you, Sandra and Galilee Church for this spirit inspired ministry. I now have a pretty good idea, after entering Galilee Church on Saturday, after the retreat, what its going to be like to enter the gates of heaven.

Yours in Christ,

War Zone Veteran – Attended The Welcome Home Initiative #23

November 2015

As I sit here at the computer typing this post in a pool of tears, I realize that we are in big trouble. Recently, I had a great opportunity to attend a healing conference with my lovely future bride Saprena Levy. The conference was specifically for combat veterans batteling PTSD. Ever since returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, I have quietly (and not so quietly at times) struggled with PTSD and the trauma associated with war. I had an experience at this conference that was like nothing I had ever experienced. During a prayer service, Saprena and I were annointed and covered in prayer. During this prayer the Holy Spirit filled my soul as the demons of war and trauma were given their eviction. The Holy Spirit told them that they had not paid their rent and that Jesus had paid it for me! There was a fierce battle from within as they left. After it was over I could feel the Armor Of God on me to prevent them from coming back. Thank you Jesus, Saprena, Nigel Mumford and By His Wounds Ministry!

I tell you this because it has become more apparent than ever that we are denying God in favor of the riches of the world. The world around us is falling apart because God is not at the center of it. When we put God at the center of our world, our country, our state, our relationships and our lives, we will prosper. Some of you may say “It’s too late for me”, or “God doesn’t want me”, or “I’m too bad for God”. I have good news for you, it’s not too late! Daniel 9:9 says “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him”. Many of us decide to pray when we want something. We pray when the times get tough. Often during these prayers we are pleading for God’s mercy as we make false promises to God to “do right” if only he will help us during our time of need. We need to do a lot more listening instead of talking during our prayers. Pray daily and listen daily. We are so consumed with what God can do for us that we forget what we are to do for God! My Prayer for everyone this CHRISTMAS season is that God covers you in his saving grace and reveals himself to you. I was once broken too, until I opened my heart to him. All you have to do is open your heart and listen!

Retired Marine, Veteran of Two Tours in Vietnam

July 2015

I am a former Marine who spent 26 years in the Corps, 13 years enlisted and 13 years an officer. My duties were varied, my MOS was 0311 (Infantryman) and 0202 (Intelligence Officer).

I attended the Welcome Home Initiative (WHI), at West Palm Beach Florida on July 16-18. I must say up front I was a “doubting Thomas”. I did not know what to expect or what was expected of me. I didn’t believe I had PTS but I did have some deep seated problems which I carried throughout my life. I carried these problems during my two tours in Vietnam (and I can honestly say God was watching over me each time I was wounded) and into other difficult situations. These problems would come up continuously and I would ask God to help me.

It was very hard for a grown man to open up in front of complete strangers, but I tell you, it was easier than I thought. I kept in mind that everyone present was in a similar situation as a result of combat operations, and all of us needed something or someone to help us heal.

Medical doctors can help heal our physical bodies and give us pills to that purpose; Psychiatrists help heal our minds and sometimes must dispense pills to help us in rough times. WHI helps us heal through the Holy Spirit by restoring our faith with the help of members who have attended the Welcome Home Initiative. We all have demons that haunt us as a result of combat action, (man’s inhumanity to man). It is hard to express in words, what kind of transformation takes place, but for me it was an experience I will not forget and a great relief off my shoulders. I could feel the Holy Spirit enter my mind and body, through the hands and prayers of those who were ministering to me. Each time I opened up and expressed my feelings, I would feel the love and concern, not only from the ministers present, but also from the other recipients in attendance. All this and much more was the result of my three days with the WHI.

I am 80 years old and no one should have to live in misery or be plagued by experiences from the past in combat, so I urge anyone with problems resulting from your combat experiences, including spouses, to very seriously consider attending a WHI. Let this wonderful program help you. I can guarantee that you will come out a better person. We all need God’s help to heal us, whether we know it or not.

In closing I would like to say, I am a better person for having accepted the invitation to attend the Welcome Home Initiative (WHI). In addition I thank the Lord for bringing new people into my life. God bless whoever reads this letter.