Sorrow in Newtown, CT.

I lived in Newtown, Ct for eight years. It was a lovely place to live. The flag pole, (in the middle of the road) Trinity Episcopal church, the fourth of July parade and so much more. It was an Idyllic place to raise your kids. Now evil has touched the town and healing will slowly take place over many years. I lived in Newtown when a pilot shoved his wife through a wood chipper! I lived next door to the woman who sold him new bedroom carpet!
What happens when someone just loses the plot? What goes through the mind of someone who has become mad. What happened between mother and son? Why did a mother, with perhaps a problem child have an automatic assault rifle and two powerful hand guns in her house? So many questions arise when something as heinous as this touches lives.
I woke up this morning with such a heavy heart for those who have lost little ones.
Are we going to have to build brick walls around our schools so they look like prisons? Are we going to have to build panic rooms so everyone can be safe in a “Situation?” Do we take away all the guns and the resort to knives and stabbing which seems to be the trend in the UK!
Jesus we really, really need you NOW. The Christmas story includes the words “Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. Sadly there are many who fall into the gap of “man- unkind.” People who are so bitter they suffer from Post Traumatic Embitterment disorder (PTED) a diagnosis I think we shall be seeing in the new DSM-V next year.
Our hearts and prayers go to all the souls that were lost. The Mothers and Fathers, siblings of the lost, families that are so traumatized, struggling through Christmas and every Christmas for the rest of their lives. We pray and hang onto the words, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted by the Holy Spirit.”
Come Holy Spirit, come now and come with more power.
In the words of Tiny Tim, rather appropriate for this horror,
“God bless us everyone…”
Fr. Nigel Mumford+
The Oratory of Christ the Healer
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center

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