Welcome Home Initiative – What to Expect

What to Expect

Father Nigel

The Welcome Home Initiative© retreat is comprised of a series of talks designed to give an overview of healing post-trauma stress, resources for coping and recovery, the importance of telling your story (and how to do so effectively), the healing of memories, impact upon family and other close relationships, and other discussions designed to meet your specific needs or those of your family members.

A special time has been put aside to minister to spouses as well.

The esprit de corps, connections, and friendships that are formed during these retreats are outstanding. Participants experience camaraderie and even equal footing, regardless of their rank or branch of service. Walls which once seemed too high to scale, crumble in the face of common shared experience.  Though a serious and meaningful time for all, there is also much levity, fellowship and laughter.

See testimonials to read what others experienced.


Veteran spouses, Virginia Beach, VA 2015
Veteran spouses, Virginia Beach, VA 2015


WHI 2015 Closing

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