Welcome Home – Attendance Criteria

Attendance Criteria


Currently the Welcome Home program is structured as a three (3) day retreat for combat veterans from all wars and all services. We have the joy of helping even WWII veterans who have been haunted in their "golden" years by memories of combat. We welcome all combatants from all theaters of war - known and unknown! If you want help, having served your country in any branch of military, you and your spouse are welcome to attend a program/retreat.

(Teaching or training for prayer ministers and chaplains, can be offered as a 1 day event.)

The Rev. Nigel Mumford has also developed a program especially for First Responders (EMT) -- those who have been called upon to assist, rescue and/or recover victims of all manner of disasters and are, themselves, in need of help to cope with acute exposure to human suffering.  Fr. Nigel was called to Ground Zero following 9/11; and more recently, has spoken to the police in Newtown, CT.