On Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth was a remarkably unimpressive man by the worlds standards. He was born to a lowly family in Menston England in 1859, unable to read until his twenties and a plumber by trade, yet when he gave his life to the Lord Jesus at the tender age of eight, no one could possibly have imagined what an impact he would have on the world.
Called the ‘Apostle of Faith’, Smith was married in 1882 to Mary Jane Featherstone, affectionately called Polly. She was the love of his life and when she died in 1913, Smith was devastated. This was one of the most trying moments in his life. He prayed for to come back to life and she did, yet she explained that it was the Lords will for her to go. He agreed and she lay down once again and went to be with the Lord.
Smith’s ministry was characterized by his unwavering faith in God. He was able to believe for the impossible, and yet his one main concern was that God should always get the glory and not himself. His humility was a genuine concern for not stealing that which belonged to his heavenly father. Among the many stories that are recounted about his life, including people being raised from the dead, deaf ears being opened and captives being set free, there is one story that has captivated the heart and mind of many a Christian. This story is recounted below.
Surely one of the most remarkable cases of a miracle was when Smith was staying at the home of a curate of the Church of England. The man with whom he was staying had no legs. Smith suddenly said to the man, ” Go and buy a new pair of shoes in the morning.” a most astounding thing to say to someone with no legs. No doubt thinking Smith was totally insane the curate retired to bed, and then the Lord spoke to him saying “Do as my servant hath said.”
The curate rose early the next morning and was waiting at the shoe store when the manage arrived to open up. Upon entering the store he was approached by the assistant who asked if he could help him. The curate replied he would like a pair of shoes. The assistant realizing the condition of the man hesitated, before replying that they could not help him, obviously referring to his condition.. The curate seeing his dilemma said: ” I would like a pair of black shoes, size eight please.” The assistant returned with the shoes and as he put his one stump into the shoe a foot and leg instantly formed. The same thing happened with his other leg.
Smith was not surprised and his comment was that with God there is no difference between healing a broken limb and forming a new limb.
After many years of faithful service, and a ministry that saw the sick healed, the dead raised and the captives set free, Smith himself passed on in 1949 . Appropriately he died in a church.

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  1. Toney C Pozek says:

    Hi Nigel! Did that REALLY happen with the mans’ feet and legs? Was it documented? Not trying to dispute it as I know our Lord can do anything He wants but nothing that we know of like that ever happened in the Bible. I would love to know more. Thanks!!

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