A poem by
~Nigel W.D. Mumford
My very life, plugged into the wall!
inflate, deflate, inflate, deflate days at a time.
Lungs must be nurtured, protected,
smokers avoided like plague.
Bleach, chemicals, even worse, a severe irritant.
Panic! Can’t breathe…keep calm, avoid source, seek clean air.
Weight on the chest, lungs pushing up, grasping,
grasping for pure air and prayer.
Hum of nebulizer, smoke of the peace pipe.
Instant side effects:
twenty-five cups of coffee jitters
and fitful gasping coughs
with nail-piercing headache.
The next 24 hours waiting for lungs to calm down
from the unexpected assault or is it insult?
Such effort to command the weight to lift up,
to even have to think about breathing.
Press on. Remember
Christ fighting for air,
His bloody back scraping wood
as He rose and fell, rose and fell
to breathe for me,
for love, He fell and rose.
I wrote this poem 9 years after I was hospitalized for three months
With the H1N1 swine flu virus. I was intubated and in a coma for three weeks.
I lost 63 lbs and was not expected to live! My pulmonoligest said I used to
Have the lungs of an eighteen wheeler, now they are the size of a Volkswagen!
To read the full story see, “Dying to Live, how near death experiences increase
Our faith.” Amazon.com

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