Coincidence or God-incidence?

Coincidence or God-incidence?
By Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+
My father, The Rev. David Mumford+, taught me about the healing ministry, about faith and about God’s mysterious ways. He was an Anglican vicar for the latter half of his life (like me). When he was in parish ministry he would leave Wednesday afternoons free to spend time with the Lord. Most Wednesday afternoons something would happen. One of his stories he told me was about sitting in his chair after lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. He felt strongly led to get in his car. So he got in his car. He prayed. The Lord told him to start the car and take a left turn out of his driveway. He drove, praying all the time. As he prayed, the Lord would tell him where to go. He came to an intersection (cross roads) where an ambulance, with emergancy lights flashing, was stationary at the halt line… the driver was out of the cab with his hat on the back of his head looking desperate. He was looking at a map… (This was pre GPS) my dad stoped and asked him if he needed directions.
The driver said yes, he is on his way to a heat attack call and was lost! My dad asked the address of the victim. My dad said the said the name of one of his parishioners. The driver said, “THATS HIM” my dad said, “FOLLOW ME”
My dad turned around, put on the full beams of his car and the emergency flashers and was chased by the ambulance all the way to the man’s house.
They arrived just in time to save his life.
Coincidence or God-incidence?
Listen to the still small voice of the Lord.
Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

6 thoughts on “Coincidence or God-incidence?

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    Steve Hoffman says:

    As was the police officer who was driving by my house the night of my heart attack 20 odd years ago who saved my life. He was supposed to be on another street but was compelled to be on paradise road for some reason. Coincidence or God-incidence? I wish my ears were able more often to hear that small compelling voice too. But I know deep inside he is watching over me and you Nigel, eh?

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    Merlena Cushing says:

    So true to the ways of the Lord. I have loved calling the “coincidences” of my mature Christian years “God-incidences” because you can see the hand of God in ever so many things and particularly as a result of prayer concerning a situation. BUT…none of my examples can compare to this story of your father’s having saved his friend’s life by listening to one prompting after another directly from our precious Lord. Thanks for sharing this, Nigel+

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