If you would like to invite Nigel+ to speak at your church or event, please contact us by filling out the booking invitation form.  Take care to fill out the form in its entirety in a clear and concise way.  Nigel+ prayerfully considers each invitation, but each year we receive more invitations, than we are able to accept.

The Board of Directors have waived the standard fee for events.  The ministry (By His Wounds, Inc) is entirely based on FAITH donations.  Typically event hosts will offer a donation as an honorarium as well as include an offertory collection from the congregation during the event, to support the ministry.  All travel expenses are paid by the event host.


Wondering when and where Reverend Nigel Mumford is speaking?  Take a look at the calendar on By His Wounds website.  Or you can join the mailing list: “subscribe” found on the home page.  Monthly email updates are sent, listing where Nigel+ is speaking and stories of how Jesus Christ is still in the business of healing!