A Customizable Prayer For Your Friends.

Here follows a prayer which you might personalize for a friend in need of healing.
Please use it, filling in the blanks.
Forward this to those in need; take on to believe for them.
Dear ________ ,
I pray not only for your physical endurance, but also for the emotional toil that you might be
suffering right now.
I pray that Hope abounds again, and some Good News from God will fill your soul.
Jesus, please come alongside ________ in his/her suffering.
God, please present the very Balm of Gilead to sooth the issue and bring all the cells of this concern
into the perfection of The Lord.
Thank You, Jesus, for healing my dear friend/sister/brother, ________.
Thank You, God, for Your healing presence in their lives.
Please, Jesus, put an end to this suffering, take away the pain and the root cause of the pain, and
present Your wonderful healing presence.
Jesus, please heal and cure ________.
We earnestly pray for the supernatural healing presence of Christ upon your very being.
Come on, God, You do it again!
Thank You, God. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. Thank You, Holy Trinity.

4 thoughts on “A Customizable Prayer For Your Friends.

  1. The Rev. Gail Tomei says:

    Dear Fr. Nigel, Thank you for the Thanksgiving healing prayer. Our Order of St. Luke prayer team can use this as we pray with those who enter our church thrift shop. We are amazed at the number of people who stop and ask for prayer. Thank you for your ministry and your presence so many times in the Naples, Bonita Springs churches.

  2. Cage Lover says:

    Thank you for sending me this most beautiful, encouraging prayer! I am going to use it not only for others but also for myself. I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis & Lymphedema. The pain is unbearable & while I prayer almost constantly perhaps I’ve been going about it the wrong way. Again, thank you very much! Bless you! Gaye Salem

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